Warranty and Return Conditions

Warranty conditions

All products are under the guarantee of the manufacturer companies, unless stated otherwise. In order for the warranty conditions to be valid, be sure to check the product during cargo delivery. When you see a damage, keep a record and do not get the product. Changes to the product, deformation of the product, or deterioration of the original design are excluded from the warranty.

Product Return Conditions

If the product you purchased on our site is found to be defective, you must contact us at the online support section on our page within 7 days from the delivery date. Following this information, the faulty product you will send to the cargo company will be replaced with a new one. If the ordered product error has occurred due to customer use or if the product has been used within 7 days, the product cannot be returned or exchanged. As a product return and replacement conditions, practices are required in accordance with the Law No. 4077 on Consumer Protection.