Protection with Disinfectant

Protection with Disinfectant

From the coronavirus to the defense routes, we are all right now. As you know, one of the most important measures is to pay attention to hand cleaning. Although it is possible to wash hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, to protect them with soap and water for hand hygiene, we can get help from disinfectants and colognes in places where there is no hand washing facility. Well; stronger to defend from cologne or disinfectant coronavirus?

Why is hand cleaning so essential?

In addition to entering the body through the respiratory tract, the coronavirus can pass from the contacted surfaces to our hands. Hands; The virus can enter the body when it comes into contact with the mouth, nose or eyes. If attention is paid to hand hygiene, viruses likely to be obtained can be destroyed.

Why Disinfectant and Cologne Influence Viruses?

In order to understand how the cologne and disinfectant, which helped to defend from the virus, provides hygiene, it is necessary to first look at how washing hands with soap and water destroys the germs.

The membrane consisting of fat molecules around a number of viruses, including coronavirus, defends the genetics of viruses. When this membrane is damaged, the genetics of the viruses deteriorate and their infectious properties often disappear. The soap's oil-dissolving feature can remove these damaging effects because it dissolves this wall that covers the outside of the viruses. Disinfectants and colognes can also be used for hand cleaning because they make viruses ineffective in a similar way thanks to the alcohol they contain.

What to Consider When Buying Cologne and Disinfectants?

“Does disinfectant and cologne protect from coronavirus?” Many people can say "Yes" to the answer of the question. Yes, it has been documented by research that disinfectants have greatly reduced the number of different types of viruses. However, it should not be forgotten that the content of the disinfectant and colony you choose at this point is also very important. Because products with a low content may not be successful in destroying the coronavirus.

Whether you choose cologne or hand disinfectant, first of all, the sure thing that is essential is the use of products made by a brand. Then, you should examine the alcohol types and alcohol ratios of the products you will choose.

Hand disinfectants are divided into two as alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The substance contained in the content of alcohol-free disinfectants is not as effective as alcoholic disinfectants, although it provides a decrease in viruses. Therefore, buying alcohol-based hand antiseptics with 60% to 95% alcohol content may be a more accurate option for removing viruses. If you do not have access to alcohol-based hand anticeptic, it may be better to choose cologne as a disinfectant at this point.

Another point that must be taken into consideration when buying hand disinfectant is the expiration date of hand antiseptics. You should not take the products that are past their expiration date and use the hand disinfectant that you have opened within the time it is written on the packaging. Otherwise, alcohol in the disinfectant may fly, which can reduce its effect on killing viruses. Separately, we should also state that you should not smell hand antiseptics clearly. Substances in disinfectants can be harmful to the respiratory tract.

In colognes, products containing 80 degrees of drink are recommended by experts. Of course, at this point, it is useful to emphasize a small but important point, as in hand antiseptics: Leaving the lid of the colon open may open the door to alcohol. When alcohol flies, cologne may not succeed in its disinfecting task.