How Corona Virus Is Transmitted

How Corona Virus Is Transmitted

What is the corona virus and how it is transmitted. A virus called coronavirus is a microorganism. In fact, it is a known family of viruses since 1960.

It was a group of viruses known to microbiologists until the 2000s since 1960, but it did not care much because it caused diseases in animals. Until 2002. In 2002, the world recognized and painfully recognized this as a virus that also infects humans because it caused a rapid respiratory infection, SARS, as you all know it.

Unfortunately, it was seen as an animal-borne virus transmitted from musk cats in 2002, unfortunately it came out again in China and spread rapidly to other countries of the world, causing pneumonia, acute respiratory infection and death. In subsequent reviews and statistics, SARS killed 10-15% of the people he was ill with. And as a result of the studies and treatments, as of now, SARS is no longer seen as of 2019 -2010, but the corona virus does not stop.

Again, the coronavirus was uncovered in 2012 in Saudi Arabia and as cats, not as cats, but as single humped camels. We saw another type of it, because it is the Middle East because it is Saudi Arabia, so we called MERS-cov again, a corona virus was more deadly, unfortunately it found 30-35%.

It originated from Saudi Arabia, but again spread to many places. Now we are coming to 2019, it is thought that there is a live animal sale in a market place in China, as you all know very well in December 2019, and now an animal-borne infection has emerged. As a result of the immediate studies, this was found to be close to Mers, where it was close to Sars.

In other words, it was seen that there was a type of corona virus and was immediately reported to the world health organization. It was neither Sars nor Mersin like it was close, but it did not, so it was called a new coronovirus.

It was seen in China, because China is of course experienced, took precautions immediately. Because the spread of such a rapidly growing microorganism does not spread as expected, yes, but good precautions are taken.

How Corona Virus Is Transmitted?

The answer to the questions of what is the Corona virus and how it is transmitted can be mentioned primarily by the methods of protection, and we can refer to the measures. For this, we must wash our hands frequently. However, it should not be an exaggeration. It is sufficient with normal water and soap. There is no need for disinfectant special antibacterial soaps every time. We should not approach people with suspicion of the disease more than 1 m in the community. But the most important thing is our immune system. If this virus is transmitted to 100 people, it will be lethal in 3-4% of these people according to the findings.

We need to get protein, carbohydrate from the right fat. Vitamin C is in the winter season, unless it is necessary like orange pomegranate grapefruit and its deficiency is not detected in the blood tests, there is no need for vitamins, but we should definitely take the vitamins missing in the blood tests. Adequate sleep is very important, of course, the age group is important for this, but an average of 7-8 hours of night sleep is extremely important for everyone. Exercise according to the person's age, gender and body functions is important. Not everyone needs to run a marathon, but it is important to do regular rhythmic walks to act in a way that activates the body.

The body has a biological rhythm, some hormones are secreted at some hours. Our body's biological rhythm takes us to rest, like 12-1 o'clock. Unfortunately for people who cannot sleep at night because of some professions, they will do their best and sleep during the day. But of course, it is not a substitute for night sleep.

There is a serving size for the fruit, 1 portion of fruit per day depends on the size of the fruit. A medium sized apple orange, if you don't have stomach upset, a freshly squeezed grapefruit orange mix instead of tea.

The question of what is the Corona virus and how it is transmitted often causes confusion. At first, it was said that China was also infected by animals, but not everyone bought food from the same market. Everyone was not fed with food, which means that it was transmitted from person to person. It is transmitted from person to person through breathing, that is, by droplets, we know that now. Maybe we can say that there is another way ahead.

What is the corona virus, how it is transmitted, it is transmitted from person to person, that is, it is transmitted by droplet, that is, the sick person has an average incubation period of 2 to 14 days, when he or she knowingly or unknowingly begins to show symptoms of the disease, the moment of sneezing, coughing, with respiratory secretions that it emits through A droplet-like, 1m proximity is important, here it applies to all droplet-borne viruses, not only for corona, but 1m and closer contact is required for the virus to be transmitted from person to person.

Corona virus caused panic in our country as in the whole world. Citizens follow the virus related developments in anxiety.

Corona virus is passed through the breathing