Not Panic, Prevention Saves!

Not Panic, Prevention Saves!

Coronavirus, which has been at the forefront of our country and the world agenda since January 2020, has been seen in 119 thousand people in 118 countries to date. The fact that the course and mortality rates can be clearly seen is not a feared disease because of the ways of treatment. The measures you will take will protect you. It saves precaution, not panic.

The disease was first reported in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China on December 31, 2019 and has been seen in 46 other countries to date.

The cases come with complaints of fever, respiratory distress and dry cough, and are confirmed by imaging and laboratory examinations.

Death cases reported so far have generally been older individuals or individuals with concomitant systemic disease. The overall mortality rate is around 2%. There is no death under the age of 9, while under 50, the rate is four per thousand.

Confirmed cases to date have been reported mostly from China, while in recent days, twice the cases in China have been reported from other countries.

The disease has the feature of transmitting from person to person. The transmission rate is not as high as in chickenpox.

It requires close contact with the sick person, such as one meter distance, mainly because it is transmitted by droplets.

The time required for symptoms such as fever and respiratory distress after the disease is transmitted varies between 2-20 days, but is usually within 14 days.

Coronavirus can be transmitted to people around a meter from sneezing and coughing and droplets into the air, by inhaling air droplets in the air or by touching the mouth and eyes with the hands (such as the door handle, elevator button) where the droplets fall on the ground.


Corona Virus Protection Ways

Healthy people are required to close the respiratory tract with a mask when they go outdoors.

It is much more important for people with cough, sneezing and fever, even if they are allergic, to use masks when entering the public areas.

Wearing a mask with a large number of people in confined spaces may be meaningful in terms of encountering a potential patient.

Since the importance of contamination from surfaces is more understood, it is very important for everyone who goes out of their home to take care not to touch their face, eyes and mouths after touching the surfaces in common areas.

It is protective for anyone who spends time outside to wash their hands frequently, to disinfect with water and alcohol (in the case of 60% cologne, which is the most easily found), and to wash their hands when they encounter sick people.

Making a throat gargle with warm water and consuming plenty of warm liquid can prevent the virus from settling.

Good nutrition, being in the open air, ventilation of indoor areas, exercise, paying attention to sleep patterns affect the increase of general health and decrease of the placement of the virus.

It is safer to use stairs instead of elevators as much as possible since it increases the presence in the narrow space.

When the symptoms begin, it is very important to wear a mask when going to the health institution.